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And The Award For Best Comedic Performance In A Hockey Game Goes To The New Jersey Devils

I haven't seen anything that funny since season 6 of "2 Broke Girls". Seriously though. Can you believe that there were SIX seasons of that show? I mean how doesn't that shit get cancelled after the pilot episode? Who was watching "2 Broke Girls" so much that they decided to make a 2nd season of that show, let along a third, fourth, fifth and sixth? Have you ever met anybody who watches "2 Broke Girls"? I didn't think so. I feel like the only time that show is ever getting watched is if somebody accidentally left their TV on that channel and some lazy sack who shit lost the remote under their couch simply hasn't bothered to look for it yet. It would be one thing if I at least heard people talking about the show before in passing like I've heard people talking about "Big Bang Theory". We all know that show sucks but we also know there are idiots out there who enjoyed it so much that they even gave it a spinoff series. But "2 Broke Girls"? C'mon, man. You're not fooling anybody. Nobody can name you a single character in that show. The only thing you know is that it's the daughter from 40 Year Old Virgin is in it. 


But I digress….

Anyway, what an incredible joke the New Jersey Devils have become. That goal alone pretty much sums up everything the Devils have become this year. I mean this is a team that placed Cory Schneider on waivers and actually traded for Louis Domingue in the year 2019. Domingue gets the start against Buffalo and gives up five (5!!!!!) goals in the first period, one of them being this absolute piss missile of a snipe from Conor Sheary. 

5-0 after the 1st period. And then a fairly respectable 40 minutes after that where they only lost 7-1 after the final buzzer. 

What is particularly rich, however, is that the New Jersey Devils didn't go into this season preparing to suck major ass. In fact, it was the total opposite. This is a team which already traded for Taylor Hall. They have 2 out of the last 3 first overall picks. They then go out in the summer and they trade for PK Subban. They then sign Wayne Simmonds to add that toughness and grit you need to survive the playoffs. You can't tell me that with all the moves this team made leading up to the season that they didn't have every intention of making the playoffs and then shocking the league like the Blues did last year. But here we are in December and the only team they're better than right now are the Detroit Red Wings who are very much actively trying to suck. 

Am I lashing out because the Eagles have been horrible this season and I need to take my frustrations out on somebody else? Of course I am. But did I write a single lie anywhere in here? Zero point zero lies detected. But sure, Devils fans, please say the same shit about how Nico Hischier is better than Nolan Patrick as if the Flyers drafted Patrick over Hischier and that decision wasn't totally out of their control.