All Good Things Come To An End


This is probably the most emotional I’ve been in quite some time about sports. Derek Jeter has announced today that this will be his last season playing professional baseball. We all saw it coming, and knew there wasn’t a time machine he could hop in to get younger or more agile but it still hurts just the same. I imagine this is how people feel when a family dog dies, if that dog won a bunch of Westminster dog shows and fucked every dog in the neighborhood. Not quite a family member but always there when you needed him.

Now I know a ton of people have said that Jeter is overrated, or he is not the best defensive shortstop in the game, and while at times some of that may have been true, this is a loss for anyone who is a baseball fan. For the last 18 years Derek Jeter has been the everyday shortstop for the New York Yankees, that is one of the most prestigious positions for the most prestigious franchise in sports history. Most people crack under that type of pressure. Can’t handle the spotlight or the expectations. But Jeter worked his ass off to make sure that he not only kept his position, but he set the tone for his teammates, never let down the fans, and produced championships.

Off the field Jeter has done what everyone says they would do in his shoes, party my face off and fuck models. The difference between him doing it, and every other guy who wants to do it, is that he did everything with class. From keeping his breakups out of the news, to giving girls gift bags on the way out in the morning, Jeter always took care of the minor details that derail careers in major cities.

As a 28 year old who grew up here in New York, Derek Jeter is one of the biggest parts of my childhood and I hope that in my lifetime we see another athlete that can conduct himself both on and off the field like Derek has.

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