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Bieber Beat The Shit Out Of Some Dude Then Fucked These Two Chicks





(NYDN) These are the two sexy cocktail waitresses who partied with Justin Bieber at a Hamptons pad after landing in the center of a wild nightclub brawl involving the singer’s bodyguards. Diana Bhokasub, 24, and Sophia Rayo, 32, were handpicked by the “Beauty and the Beat” crooner to accompany him back to the private home where he was staying after meeting them at the South Pointe club in Southampton. The Biebs, wearing sunglasses and a backward baseball cap, got into a “heated exchange” with 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls — who definitely isn’t a so-called Belieber . Rennalls, of Hampton Bays, got into it with Bieber’s crew after he chased after one of the waitresses getting into the singer’s car to retrieve a bow tie he had loaned her, witnesses said. The bodyguards didn’t like Rennalls getting near Bieber’s ride and gave him a beatdown instead of his bow tie. He ended up in a hospital with bruised ribs and a black eye, sources said.



K so maybe Bieber didn’t “beat the shit out of some guy,” he had his bodyguards do it. But that’s how it works when you’re rich, that counts.

Like if you’re building a mansion and you’re telling people about it you say, “Yeah and I built a game room in the basement, I put a sauna in the bathroom, etc.” You built those things. Sure, maybe not “technically.” But you certainly could have learned to do all that shit, you’ve just made enough money to pay people to do things for you. Same thing here. Bieber easily could have beaten the shit out of Wayne Rennalls. EASILY. But why bother when you can pay someone to do the work for you and still take the credit? Much smarter to keep your hands clean and just focus on fucking the two hot waitresses.