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Give Brian Kelly A 10 Year Extension Right Now

I have to get something off my chest…people on the internet bother me sometimes. In fact, they bother me almost every saturday because of tweets like this:



Do a quick search of “Brian Kelly” on twitter or simply scroll through my mentions and you’ll find and seemingly endless amount of tweets from people across the internet screaming for Kelly to be fired. Nobody ever has a replacement, other than noted scumbag Urban Meyer as a solution, but they want Kelly fired nonetheless. If you are in that camp, I want to tell you right now that you are a GIANT moron. You can say what you want about Kelly, but he’s far and away the best coach Notre Dame has had since Lou Holtz and firing him now for not being able to what…go to the playoff every year(?) is insane.

32 wins in the last three years. There are only 5 other programs with that many. Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State. That is it. That is the entire list. The Blue Bloods of college football and Notre Dame is right there with them and ND doesn’t have a conference championship game to add an extra win to the schedule. Notre Dame is a consistent top 10 team in the country now. Since 2012 Notre Dame has been ranked in the polls as high as 7 in six different years.

There is definitely still a gap between Notre Dame and Ohio State, Clemson, and Bama, but the Irish are right there in that next group of programs. They recruit, they win, they do everything and it’s all thanks to Brian Kelly. So lock him up. Give him what he wants. Do the OPPOSITE of what the internet says because if you look around the college football landscape, there aren’t many programs who have it better than the Irish right now. Michigan beat the shit out of Notre Dame this year, but nobody would trade the state of Michigan’s football program for Notre Dame’s.

Chris Peterson abruptly resigned from Washington today and there are people praising him as one of the top coaches in all of college football. They might be right, but you can’t say that he has a better resume than Brian Kelly. Not many people do. Brian Kelly is a top 10 coach in the country and when you finally find a guy like that you better appreciate him because it’s way harder to find that type of coach than people like to remember. Kelly is about to finish his 1oth year as the Head Coach at Notre Dame and if the Irish are lucky they’ll have another ten. Kelly is great. Shut up.