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Kanye Loses His Mind At Bonnaroo, Swears A Bunch And Says He's "Going After Walt Disney"

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The Wrap- “When I’m in the studio or doing an interview or making a T-shirt, I give everything I got. And when I talk that shit, it’s so you can talk that shit. If you’re fan of me, then you’re fan of your motherf—ing self. I promise you as I stand here, 37 years old, this is only the beginning. I ain’t concerned about anyone who’s living. I ain’t going after no one on the radio. I’m going after Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, Shakespeare.”

Par for the course here I suppose.  Kanye losing his shit about god knows what on stage and then comparing himself to guys like Walt Disney and William Shakespeare.  There isn’t anybody with a bigger ego possibly in the whole entire world than Kanye West.  It’s absurd.  You’d think after a bunch of  multi-platinum and critically acclaimed albums Kanye would stop ranting about people not respecting him.  Nope, he’s still mad about…….something.  Only he seems to know at this point.  WHERE DA PRESS AT.

I miss College Dropout Kanye West.  I miss I’m Just Happy To Be In The Same Room As Jay Z Kanye West.  I liked that guy.  That guy was all about making awesome music.  I don’t like 2014 Kanye West where he’s marrying Kim Kardashian and keeps calling himself the #1 rock star on the planet.  We get it dude.  Being rich and famous must really suck.