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Phil Hughes Finally Found His Own Card When Opening Up Some Baseball Card Packs And Of Course His Name Was Spelled Wrong

Full disclosure, I'm a huge Phil Hughes guy, and you should be too. Was a big fan of his on the Yankees, especially in '09 when he became an assassin out of the pen. Today, he's easily one of the best baseball follows on social media. He has this bizarre obsession with Pokemon that may or may not have started out as a bit and is now just his entire life. Now he's got a YouTube channel called Phil's Pulls where he opens up all kinds of different card packs. Pretty much what Rovell does on his periscopes, but actually funny. 

In his most recent baseball card opening he got his own rookie card. In classic Phil Hughes fashion the card spells his name wrong, 2 L's not 1. Like come the fuck on Topps! You had one job. You make baseball cards for a living. Spell the names right, it's not hard. Phil was so pumped to gets his own card on video and you couldn't even spell his name right. Of course he took it in stride and laughed it off. "So much more to live for." I mean how can you not love Phil Hughes? Dude might have the best self deprecating humor out there. 


He's also a brand new father. Congrats to Phil!

I'll always be indebted to Phil Hughes. Back in the old office when we were crammed into one podcast studio for 30 different shows he found time in his schedule to do an interview in the little time slot we had for The Short Porch. He called us from his car outside a Starbucks and gave us a great interview. We'll have to do that again soon. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel, it's very entertaining. 

If you want to go back and listen to the show here you go!