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BlackJack's Monday Parx Pick Four

I have finally returned to Barstool HQ, just in time for our Cyber Monday telethon this evening, from a long continental road trip and the holiday break. It feels good to be back in the office, even if the very moment I reached my desk Mantis approached to inform me he reached first base over the holiday break. Once that image was burned out of my brain I did what I always do, which is start capping horses for the day. We have very little in the way of tracks to work with today, so pickings are slim. I settled on Parx as our track of the day. The late Pick Four beginning in Race Five offers us an opportunity to take a stab at a couple of deep prices on a relatively inexpensive ticket. Let's cash this thing and start the week right.

Parx Pick Four:

Race Five: It is impossible to avoid the entry behind the strength of (1) Winning The Medal who comes into this race with a steep drop and should control the field. I will hedge a bit by taking the (5) as well.

Race Six: The (3) The Robert, should be the deserving favorite here as he is another who is dropping in class today. Also take the (5) in this one.

Race Seven: The (9) Lil Miss Hotshot has shown excellent speed figures and has the benefit of having beaten second choice (2). Also using (2), (5), (10),

Race Eight: The (2) Wild Caramelo should go right to the front and from there Angel Arroyo will try to keep him on the lead to the wire. I do also like the (1) at a price and the (3).

BlackJack's Parx Pick Four: 1,5/3,5/2,5,9,10/1,2,3

Ticket Cost: $24

Alright, let's start this week right and cash this thing!