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Snuffles - The 2 Nosed Dog - Finally Finds A New Home After Being Rejected By 4 Others

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Huff Po – Finally, someone will ac-septum for who he is. Snuffles, a Belgian shepherd who appears to have two noses, has finally found a home. The 5-month-old pup wound up at a theDogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Glasgow, Scotland about a month ago, the Daily Record reported. Snuffles — who was originally named “Diesel,” according to UK site 5pm– had already had four different owners. Dogs Trust officials say they feared his bizarre appearance was creeping people out. “Instead of his nostrils being fused together,” veterinarian Angela McAllister told the Record, “he’s got some sort of split there.” She says the anomaly is caused by a rare birth defect, but she’s never seen anything like it before. Luckily, the issue doesn’t cause any health problems. He can also move both sections of his nose independently, according to the Daily Mail. Dogs Trust manager Sandra Lawton told the Record it would be a “shame” if a dog as great as Snuffles was passed over because of his looks. She described Snuffles as having a “heart of gold” and said he “is an affectionate, energetic fun-loving boy who adores his carers.” Since Snuffles’ plight made headlines last week, the Centre was overwhelmed with calls and emails from people interested in adopting him, according to the Mirror. The man who would eventually take Snuffles home first took him for a walk and said the pup was perfect. Next week, the formerly unloved dog will be moving in with a family in East Lothian who has plenty of room for him to run around.

You gotta be one cold hearted motherfucker to reject a dog because he’s got 2 schnozzes. Snuffles is cute as fuck. I think the 2 noses actually is a plus, not a minus. Kinda looks like Patrick Ewing’s nose, to be honest. I’d probably name him Ewing. It kinda makes sense anyway. 2 ears, 2 eyes, 2 noses. Whats the big fucking deal?

Plain and simple if you’re one of the 4 families that rejected Snuffles because of his nose you’re a shallow asshole. Get off your Nosey High Horse. Like those motherfuckers better have perfect noses if they’re gonna kick a dog for the curb for his. Don’t let me catch you with a bump or a curve or something crooked out of place on your beak or else you should be homeless too.