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Dennis Schroder Had To Stop Wearing Kevin Durant's Signature Shoes In Oklahoma City Because Russ And Thunder Fans Gave Him Too Much Shit

[Source] - That’s right. Schröder was getting shamed for wearing his favorite shoe. It didn’t happen all the time … well, at least when he wore other sneakers from the signature lines of Irving or Paul George — two of the most popular Nike shoes among basketball players.

“Even Russ was giving me shit sometimes like ‘Why you wearing these?’” Schröder said of Russell Westbrook, his former Thunder teammate. “I used to wear them growing up, so I felt comfortable playing in them. I had PGs on some and tried to switch them, but last year I had KDs on a lot.

“People were like ‘Why you gotta wear KDs?’ I was like ‘Bro, it’s just a shoe.’”

“I had to switch something because you know … the KDs … people don’t want to see them in here,” Schröder said. “I was like ‘OK, let me go back to Kyries.’

There's simply nobody like Russ and I can't get enough of Russ. Oh you want to wear Kevin Durant's shoes around him? I don't think so, pal. Not here, not in Oklahoma City and not in front of Russ. You think he cares that your feet might hurt if you change shoes or that you really just enjoy playing in the same shoes over and over again? 

This is a man that takes everything personally and that's why I love him. People complain that basketball players are soft now and they don't really hate each other like the 80s and 90s. Well, you know who would fit in perfectly there? Russ. That man will fight you for wearing Kevin Durant's shoes in front of him.


I even love that Thunder fans got into it. That's pure hatred and something I can get behind. Is it a bit corny? You betcha, but guess what? When you hate someone because he leaves your team to join the best offense in NBA history you have every right to hate that person. He was supposed to be the face of your franchise forever. 

It's so dumb, it's so perfect.