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A Washington Post Food Critic Accidentally Blows Up The Spot Of A Cheating Husband

FOX NEWS —A Washington Post food critic unwittingly became embroiled in a married man’s affair when the cheater was photographed dining with his mistress in a recent restaurant review, his alleged wife is claiming.

The revelation was made on Wednesday during a weekly online Q&A with the Post’s Tom Sietsema when an unnamed woman claimed her husband was photographed with a mystery woman in the critic’s most recent restaurant review.

“Well Tom your latest review is accompanied by a picture of my husband dining with a woman who isn’t me!” the woman wrote.

“Once confronted with photographic evidence, he confessed to having an ongoing affair.”

I've said this before, but it comes up day after day after day — I just don't get how anyone thinks they can get away with ANYTHING in 2019. Or 2018, or any year in the past like...decade. Usually I'm talking about murders or big criminal cases that they solve in like 0.5 seconds because it's all on surveillance video, and Google tracks all your movements on your phone (listen to To Live and Die In LA if you don't know how fucking creepy the info Google has on you is) — but right there on the list is cheating. 

I mean you just can't get away with it. Can't do it. Not possible. If it's not somebody you know seeing you, it's the motherfucking WashPo food critic taking pics for his latest 5-star seafood restaurant takedown. 


It's actually funny — I was checking this dude Tom's Twitter feed out, and 1) he's like universally beloved and seems like a pretty good guy all-around, and 2) his last like, 4 tweets were trying to help some Arabic dude track down his lost iPhone. Tom out here just eating good food and doing good deeds. And he inadvertently ruins a marriage and costs a guy half his belongings. 

You hate to see it. 


Odds are admittedly low on this, but as an internet veteran, let's just say I'm at least a LITTLE woke to this, as a fellow pageview-seeker myself: