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In Justin Tucker We Trust

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What. A. Win. I forgot what it was like to sweat through a football game. The Niners were every bit of a 10-1 football team. They absolutely made us earn it. They boiled it down to a coin flip game and we ended up making the plays that mattered at the end.

Justin Tucker. Was there ever a doubt? In brutal rain and sub-40 degree weather, JT showed everyone yet again why he’s the best to ever do it. That ball was pured. Dead straight. Any doubts about him after the missed Saints XP at home last year or a couple uncharacteristic kicks in the past month have been put to rest. Justin Tucker is nails. End of story.

Today wasn’t Lamar’s best day. He struggled with the conditions and like I said, the 49ers are legit. They contained him relatively well on the run and they relied on their league-best pass defense to try to force him to beat them. It was almost enough and they finally were able to rip one out of his hands for his first lost fumble of the year…. but ultimately Lamar came up big with a couple key throws and a 3rd and one conversion to set JT up for the win.

Defense deserves a lot of credit too. They were far from perfect but they got a couple of key stops when they needed to. That’s been the formula for them all season and they just barely did enough to get it done.

Win moves us to 10-2 and moves us one step closer to a first round bye. And if the Texans can do a job tonight, they may just finish the day in position for the #1 seed in the AFC. We all would love to see a rematch of today’s game and making the road to Miami come through Baltimore would make that all that much more possible.

What a great time to be a Ravens fan. In JT we truss.