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The Countdown To The 2020 Draft Begins Now- Colts Fall To Titans 31-17

The season isn't over, but our chances of making the playoffs are pretty much done. The Colts are now 6-6 and have lost 4 of the last 5 games. This was a must win game and we blew a 17-7 lead during the 3rd quarter by letting the Titans score 24 straight unanswered. Tank For Tua, tank for 2nd round draft picks, doesn't matter which. The Colts simply have too many problems to be considered a playoff team.

How the hell did this happen?? This game started out so promising! Derrick Henry fumbled on the first play of the game, and Brissett threw a dime to Old Reliable Jack Doyle.


After Doyle's touchdown we saw what was maybe the sloppiest 1st half ever. Tannehill responded to our drive by throwing a TD to Adam Humphries, Vinny would miss a field goal, Tannehill would fumble, Vinny would miss another field goal, and just punt after punt. Vinny would hit one in-between the 4 punts going into the half up 10-7. Besides Tannehill's touchdown, the Colts defense was playing GREAT! They sacked Tannehill 5 TIMES in the first half. Colts had the momentum by getting the ball at half and running the ball to Nyheim Hines to go up 17-7.

Henry would kick off the 24-point slaughter by scoring a 13 yard run. Now we are 17-14 and Jacoby is losing his mind. Brissett would throw a HORRIBLE pass over Jack Doyle's head and get intercepted by Kevin Byard. Titans would kick a field goal to tie the game, Vinny would get BLOCKED on a field goal and returned back for a touchdown, Jacoby would throw ANOTHER interception that was tripled covered, and that was all she wrote. 31-17 Titans. 


I would argue that the Titans are the weakest team in the AFC South, they could probably say that about us. One main factor that resists the Colts from being a great offense is the thinness of the wide receiver core. We didn't have T.Y, Funchess, or Campbell (Colts are now 1-8 when T.Y. doesn't play). But at the same time, we blew a 17-7 lead and left 9 points off the board. Jacoby played scared after his first interception, the Titans defense stole the show in the 2nd half, and we got embarrassed. 

As I referred to my pregame blog, at least I made out with a chick this week. I'm not trying to brag by any means but just look at me. Anything is possible. And that's why there's still technically a possibility for the Colts to make the playoffs, but not really. Next week the Colts are traveling to Tampa Bay. I'm already looking forward to bumping into Steven Chea in the hallway. Bars. As always, Go Horse.