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UNLV And Nevada End Their Season With Massive Brawl

I don't think anybody outside of gamblers had an eye on UNLV - Nevada today, but luckily there was enough fans in attendance to videotape what the hell happened after UNLV secured a victory in OT. 

After watching it multiple times, it appears it all starts after the QB on UNLV walked by a Nevada DB and said something:

He was then sucker-punched:

Then the whole fight started. #28 on Nevada was destroyed by an offensive lineman on UNLV:

The fight continued on. The weirdest part had to be when a Nevada fan took off the helmet of a UNLV player:

It happens at the 48-second mark. 

UNLV - Nevada may be a must-watch next year it appears. Probably not, but still, any football game that can result in a brawl I'm down to watch.