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Coach K Saying He Wasn't 'Healthy' The Day Duke Lost To Stephen F. Austin Is Sooo Coach K

[Source] - Krzyzewski also made a surprising admission, saying that he was suffering from some type of health problem on Tuesday that may have negatively impacted the team, although he didn’t go into any detail on the nature of the problem.

“Part of it, we had some other issues with our program,” Krzyzewski said, “with some health issues. I had a little health issue for the last game that I was not myself. I had some … anyway I’m good, but that day and that night, I was not good. So, part of that is we’re human beings. We’re not going to be perfect even though lot of people expect us to be.”

This quote is just this gif in word form. 

Honestly I'm surprised it took this long for K to come out and use this excuse. Just say what happened, K. You got your ass kicked. You didn't have some health thing and if you did you don't bring it up, because guess what? This is all people will think. It's just proof he's one of the biggest frauds out there. No one gets a bigger pass than K when it comes to media. So many people are giving T's and P's to K and his health, people are hoping for the best. Well, I see through it. This man is a bold face liar, simply because there's no way this comes out if Duke wins the game. 


Can't imagine losing the biggest upset (Vegas numbers, not my opinion) on your own floor.