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Iowa Kicker Keith Duncan Continues To Dunk On Nebraska After Yesterday's Win

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I said it yesterday after Iowa’s last-second win over Nebraska and I’m gonna say it again, I love Keith Duncan. What a fantastically cocky shit-talking Instagram post. Some people were mad about Duncan running towards the Nebraska sideline blowing kisses but I LOVED IT. Everyone I talked to back home loved it, too. Nothing is or will ever be as satisfying as beating Nebraska. And then to beat Nebraska at home on a last-second field goal? Doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Keith Duncan is free to talk all the shit he wants.

This was another great Keith Duncan picture from yesterday (and make sure you click the link and vote for Duncan to win the Lou Groza award, he deserves it)

People might say, “Big deal. You guys beat an awful Nebraska football team at the last second. Great job” but those people don’t understand the hatred between Iowa and Nebraska. It’s a very real rivalry around those parts (other than the fact that Iowa has won the last 5 games). So much so that I wouldn’t have cared if the Huskers had entered that game 0-11. I still would’ve been just as excited about yesterday’s win and I guarantee that’s how Keith Duncan feels. A win over Nebraska is a win over Nebraska is a win over Nebraska. That will always be true, no matter what the records are.