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Jim Harbaugh Should Be Inducted Into The Ohio State Hall of Fame

Man do I love Jim Harbaugh!! Urban Meyer and Woody Hayes will go down as two of the greatest coaches in Ohio State history, but I think Harbaugh needs to at least be in the conversation. 0-5 in The Game? I saw Portnoy wants him fired. I say we give him a contract extension!
Speaking of Portnoy, I do owe that man a thank you. Not just for paying me to write about the Buckeyes every week, but I also am much obliged to him for saving me $20 every year on buying a calendar. Why would I need to purchase a calendar when I can just follow his Twitter?

Ahh the leaves must be beginning to change colors!

The leaves must be falling!

And the annual mid-game Emergency Press Conference! It's now the last weekend of November!
Look, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And this guy is a walking timetable.
Anyways, The Game went as expected for me today. Well, except for the first 2 minutes, I guess. Remember when Michigan went up 6-0 and their entire fanbase stopped what they were doing in Walmart to tweet?

From that moment on, the route was on. Another 50 burger on the vaunted Don Brown defense. JK Dobbins had a million yards and 4 touchdowns. Justin Fields had 300 yards and 4 more touchdowns. And Chase Young got an uncalled hold on every single play. Do the right thing, NCAA. Send all 3 to New York.
And let's not just mention the Buckeyes that played well today, let's talk about the Michigan players that helped out Ohio State, too. It took him a while, but Shea Patterson finally showed up today. That guy is my favorite QB in Michigan history. Devin Gardner and Wilson Speight were fun to watch, but this guy consistently makes huge plays for the Buckeyes. Ohio State should retire the #2, partially for JK Dobbins, but mostly for Shea Patterson. Remember when he was going to be the lord and savior of Michigan football??
Man, I'm so thankful that Michigan was good in the late 1800s or else this game would be meaningless. We beat them every single year. But because they were good back when the world was Pangea, people act like this is a big win. They are nothing more than Rutgers, honestly. Regardless, that's now 8 in a row for the Buckeyes. 15 of the last 16. And Michigan has to come TO Columbus next year with Justin Fields, Garrett Wilson, and Ryan Day still here? Hahahaha. Ohio State may never lose to Michigan ever again.