Kentucky Threw The Ball TWO (2) Times And Still Kicked Louisville's Ass (Duh) Because Lynn Bowden Is An Absolute Freak


You know what? Credit to Louisville and I mean that. Little brother actually made people believe this would be a close game. Hell even at halftime little brother still had people talking about it being a game because of two fluke plays. Hey, not everyone can stay within 30 in a rivalry game when your opponent is starting a WR at QB. But then, you know, Kentucky just does what they do against Louisville. Kicked their ass. Seriously, look at these stats they are LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY.

I was about to be pissed that they threw a second time, but then it was a flea flicker while up 25 with under 7 minutes to go that even caused the ref to laugh right in Louisville's stupid face: 

You can't convince me that if Bowden was at QB all year, or at the minimum the moment Terry Wilson went down, he wouldn't be talked about as a possible person in New York in a few weeks. The dude RAN for 1,000 yards as a wide receiver playing quarterback. He won Kentucky games and I firmly believe he beats Florida. 

Lynny Legend, that's all.