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Iowa Running A QB Sneak On 3rd And 3 Against Nebraska Is One Of The Most Disrespectful Things You'll Ever See


Incredible. How badly is Iowa’s offense manhandling Nebraska’s defensive line today? Well the Hawks just ran a QB sneak on 3RD AND 3 and got 4 yards and a first down. Nebraska wasn’t even close to stopping Nate Stanley. He just rumbled and bumbled and moved the chains. That’s so goddamn disrespectful that I’m stunned not a single Huskers player came up swinging outta the pile. You have to start a brawl after somebody disrespects you like that. Let the other team know you won’t take it laying down. You have to have at least a shred of self respect out there. Punch somebody, kick somebody, throw your helmet in disgust, something. That was tough to watch from a once proud program like Nebraska. Just kidding it was hilarious.