What Is The Weirdest/Worst DVD Or VHS in your Family's House? (Results)

ICYMI, I put a callout yesterday for the weirdest DVDs or VHS tapes you could find in your family's house on thanksgiving. For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the results:

Why do so many people have Dickie Roberts???

This is the three musketeers of the 90's. Lowkey kinda want that SI VHS pretty bad….

Simply the best.. 


This collection is basically my Mecca. Ben, please dm me your address so i may begin my pilgrimage. 

This might be my favorite one. Get fucked John Paul, there's a new head wizard in town. 

When the cover art looks like this you KNOW the movie is going to suck shit. 

Pauly, please come on the pod. I know you big-timed Trillballins that one time but we still love you. 


Well, if WBAI radio liked it…..

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