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In Honor Of Black Friday, Wake Up With The Pirates/Reds Brawls From This Season

What a great story line this was all season. It was set up early on when the two teams went toe-to-toe over Derek Dietrich starring at a ball that was probably 550 feet. Chris Archer being the baby he is decided to throw at him, no one in Cinci liked it, and they mixed it up a bit. Fast forward down the line and we had what may be the best MLB fight in sometime. Amir Garrett, the Reds stud pitcher SPRINTED off the mound in the middle of the inning during a mound visit and tried to fight the entire city of Pittsburgh. It had everything. Players going at it, managers going at it, god it was awesome. I mean we’ve never seen a pitcher sprint off the mound towards the opposing dugout and try and take on the whole team. Can’t wait to see these guys matchup next season to see if we get anymore fireworks.