"The 12 O'Days Of Christmas" Has Arrived

Every major moment in the history of contemporary art has simply started out as an idea. The works of Picasso, The Beatles, and Kid Rock were at one point just simply a nucleus living inside their respective consciousness.

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I don't say that I'm going to do something and then just never do it. When I first tweeted my intent to record a collection of holiday standards that will rock that music landscape, I'm sure some people just though I did so in jest to get a rise from coworkers and harbor a few cherished likes on twitter dot com, but alas, those people would soon be mistaken. 

So, I set off, and began to chart paths unknown. I have in the past released singles and a holiday medley on my Soundcloud in the past but ne'er endeavored the production of a 12-track album soon to be broadcast across living rooms spanning coast to coast. 

First, I set out and perused hundreds of Christmas songs to determine which ones would be most well suited to compliment not only the tonality of my singing but to the overall mood of this album. Next, I had to find the proper production team to assist me in ensuring the most clean sound that can possibly be created in a Podcast studio on 7th avenue.

I had originally enlisted the help of Colin Cooper, an intrepid and dynamic guy who has been here for over a year now but that plan was squashed when Colin was tasked with heading to the Great White North with the #WolfPack. So, after that minor bump in the road I turned to TJ Hitchings, one of our present video production interns who used to be a Viceroy at Rutgers and is a tremendously talented and creative asset for Barstool. 

What we are releasing today is the product of TJ and I's collaboration on November 21st over two and a half hours in the studio. These are the master tracks recorded on a podcast microphone and combined with arrangements that will be sure to keep your hearts and home warm during these cold winter months. 

We present to you, the listening public, for the first time, The 12 O'Days of Christmas. 

Soon to be available on all major streaming platforms.