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Michael Kay Dumps A Diet Coke In The Garbage On His First Day Broadcasting On YES

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.15.08 PM


Michael Kay is really as pathetic as it gets, but I gotta be honest I got a kick out of this move. It still shows his raging inferiority complex and the fact that he’s not even remotely close to dethroning Francesa takes away from the symbolism of it all, but its kinda funny. It would be even better if he actually was a cool dude.  If he just tossed it in the garbage as a sort of playful “Shots fired!” way, I’d love it. But you know Michael Kay took this dead ass serious because he’s that much of a tool. Had it planned for weeks. He’s such a goddam loser he probably thought he was actually being a tough guy with this stunt. Like “Yea thats right! There’s a new sheriff in town! Fuck Diet Coke!” Kinda takes away from the funniness when the pathetic side shines through. Oh well. Kay got people talking about his first day on TV and that 100% was not going to happen without a stunt like this.

On a more serious not the Francesa Twitter Gang is fucking pissed at Kay. Like I’ll admit when this first happened I was like “HOW DARE THIS MOTHERFUCKER!” and I had to take a moment to pause and realize its actually kinda funny. But all the diehard Francesa Mongos are genuinely irate about this. I swear one day Kay is gonna get kidnapped by one of these weirdos.