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Happy Thanksgiving! Let's Bet Some Horses and Some Football

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Hopefully everyone gets to enjoy the day off, some great food and, of course, some gambling. We have three solid NFL games going on today plus we have a huge card at Churchill Downs. Between all of this, we can literally gamble for twelve straight hours today. Should be a hell of a holiday. Let's not waste any more time and get into this.

Churchill Downs Late Pick Five:

Race Eight: This race is wide open. I kind of like the (7) House Limit, but it is impossible to ignore the (6) Preacher Power here as well. I'll round out this race with the (8),(9), and (11).

Race Nine: This one feels made for (8) Ratajkowski, but you should also use (3),(6), and (9) for coverage.

Race Ten: The (7) Easy Shot, is the favorite here with good reason, he will be tough to beat. If anyone can do it, the (1) can.

Race Eleven: This is my single here with the (11) Starship Jubilee. The shipper down from Woodbine is the class of this field and barring an awful trip should roll.

Race Twelve: This is another open race so we need coverage. I lean to the son of Uncle Mo (5) Create Fearlessly, but you also need to use (2), (7) and (9).

BlackJack's Churchill Late Pick Five: 6,7,8,9,11/3,6,8,9/1,7/11/,2,5,7,9

Ticket Cost: $80

NFL Plays: 

Bears/Lions Under 37: The Bears offense is anemic and the Lions are on to David Blough at QB. I don't know what more needs to be said.

Bills +7: The Bills are competitive because of their defense and the occasional dramatic play from Josh Allen. Dallas has been Jekyll and Hyde this season. I don't like them laying a full touchdown here against a surprisingly upstart Buffalo team.

Saints -6.5: The Saints should be revenge minded after a walloping at the hands of these Falcons a couple weeks ago. The Saints seem to have rebounded nicely and I expect them to take it out on Atlanta tonight.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and cash these tickets!