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Kyrie Irving Is Crying On Instagram That Fans Are Mean

I cannot stop laughing. If this isn't the most Kyrie shit ever than I don't know what is. What did that even say? He lost me at about word 10,000 and as someone who loves to write long blogs this was even too much to me. Classic Kyrie speak where he says absolutely nothing and takes 10 years to get there. What, was he a little upset at this? 

so what Kyrie is the victim now? Now Celtics fans are ignorant because they booed you and think you're a coward for not even making the trip? Holy shit what a spinzone. Welcome to life bro, people care about sports and Celtics fans sure as shit care about this team. It's why you could have been a king in this city had you not quit in the playoffs and then bounced. Thank fucking god this shit is out of our lives now.

If you're like me and this was simply too much to read, here is the TLDR version