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An A+ "Kyrie Sucks" Chant By The TD Garden Crowd To Start Tonight's Game

Bravo TD Garden, bravo. You knew this crowd was going to bring the heat after probably drinking for the last few hours combined with the pure hatred this fanbase has for the biggest villain in recent memory. It's good to see they wasted no time making their feelings known and I've seen a lot of these type of "return" games and I have to say that chant may have been the loudest we've ever had. Certainly louder than what the Knicks did with Porzingis that's for sure. Imagine if Kyrie wasn't a coward and actually was in the building? No chance he ever plays in the Garden again after hearing this because make no mistake it's only going to get worse as time goes on.

And spare me with the whole "Celtics fans are lame that they can't just get over it". Fuck you. You don't pull the bullshit Kyrie did all last year and then bounce and then think you can take this moment from Celtics fans. We lived through hell last year and he was a major reason why so you bet your ass he is going to hear it tonight. It's only the first quarter and I have a feeling we are far from done.


Kemba better.