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Dayton/Kansas Maui Title Game Review: Holy Hell That Was Awesome

In a few words: holy shit that was awesome. I mean the Maui Invitational always delivers, it just does. Last year we had Gonzaga/Duke as the title game and this year we had Kansas/Dayton in overtime deliver us this gem. 

I'd put more Kansas highlights in here but honestly, there weren't many. They just played one of those good, solid games. It was mostly just Devon Dotson driving to the rim and finishing in a bunch of creative ways. When that wasn't happening they went to Azubuike in the post and let him go to work. Dayton threw a couple doubles at him early and it worked and then for whatever reason stopped. It was a bit baffling as to why they didn't sag off the high post like they did to start the game and force him to make more decisions, because he flat out kicked their ass. 

As for Dayton. Yes, it was a loss. But they are a legit team. I actually like them more than VCU in the A-10 as the best team in that league. They just spread you out offensively so they can attack off the bounce while being a good passing team. Then they work on ISO'ing Obi Toppin (their star, and the star of the Maui really) in the low post. 

If I have one complaint it's the fact this game isn't at like 11pm any more. I know, I know - viewership and all that shit. But, I don't like change. Imagine being at the bar, drinking at a friend's house or staying awake on your couch and watching that three hit to force OT. Place would be bananas. There was always something special about the late tip title game and we need to get back to that ASAP. 

Maui, man. Always delivers. What a game.