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Bruins Re-Sign Charlie Coyle And Chris Wagner To Long Term Deals As First Reported By Ryan Whitney

So Whitney first tweeted this out this morning and I was fucking ecstatic and now the Bruins just made it official. Charlie Coyle has signed a 6 year deal at $5.25 million (31.5 total) per, and Chris Wagner gets 3 years at $1.35 million per (4.05 total). 

Coyle has been a monster for the Bruins ever since he was traded from Minnesota. Key cog in the playoffs, and that depth down the middle, the 1-2-3 punch of Bergeron-Krejci-Coyle, is such an important part of this team. He has balanced out the lines so well. The way he possess the puck, and he can move around the lineup if needed. Obviously the only worry with him is the end of the contract, if he'll be able to contribute. But for a team that's trying to expand their window to win, this is an awesome deal at a great cap hit. 

The Mayor of Walpole got himself some nice security with a 3 year deal. At first I was hesitant giving a 4th liner that kind of term, but at 1.35 it's not a horrible deal whatsoever. He's played especially well with Kuraly and had a career year last year. He was missed in the Cup Final after he broke his arm vs. Carolina. And with those deals done the B's are in good shape to re-up RFA's Jake DeBrusk and Matt Grzelcyk.

Now we wait for Torey Krug… can Don Sweeney make it happen?

It's a great night to win a hockey game.