Gas Money Bob's Week 13 Bears Preview

There are many things to be thankful for. We live in the greatest city in the world, we have the greatest  food in the world, and we have the greatest football franchise in the NFL. Life is good.

So good that even though the Bears got off to a slow start they are still in the playoff hunt and are about to win game 2 of our 6 game run to get into the playoffs. This is a very exciting time for Bears fans. We get to watch the Bears beat the shit out of the Lions and then get falling down drunk and stuff our faces. Is there anything better than that?

It looks like the Lions might even be down to their 3rd string QB,  a guy named David Blough. Don’t even start to tell me that his name rhymes with plow. We all know it rhymes with blow and that is exactly what he is going to do against a Bears D that is pissed off and looking to make a statement to a National audience.

A reminder that the Lions can’t block Mack.

Last week I laid out the map for our playoff run and so far so good.

Week 12 vs Giants W ✔

Week 13 @Lions W

Week 14 vs Cowboys W

Week 15 @Packers easy W

Week 16 vs Chiefs W

Week 17 @Vikings easy W

Only 5 more to go and this one should be an easy W.

Bear Weather Report: 

70 Degrees

Precipitation 0%

Humidity 0%

Wind 0 mph

Playing NFL football in a dome is so ridiculously stupid. Why would the NFL let teams build domes? The best part about football is the inclement weather. Why do you think we play it in the Fall and Winter. How many dome teams have actually won a Super Bowl? The Saints, and who else? Detroit will never sniff a Super Bowl playing in that shithole.

You Bet Your Ass:

Bears -4

Over/Under 37

Mitch seems to play some of his best ball against the soft Lions D so I have no reason not to believe that he’ll put u huge numbers in this one. The Bears only giving 4 is a gift from the gambling gods. Hammer the Bears minus the points and hammer the over. Bears D is scoring at least once in this one.

Game Prediction:

Doesn’t matter who the Lions trot out there at QB the Bears will have their most complete game of the season handing the Lions another ass whoopin’.

Bears 30

Lions 10

Coming Up Next Week: The Cowboys come to Soldiers Field where the Bears will get their 3rd win in a row on our march to the playoffs. America’s Team is really the Chicago Bears.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Bear Down!

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