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Jimmy Butler Can't Stop Talking About His Ex, Says The Sixers Couldn't Match His Work Ethic

Jimmy Butler is a big time "Me Guy". When things are going well, he's right there to take all of the credit. When things start going south, he'll always pass the blame onto somebody else. Never once will Jimmy Butler be the type of guy who will point the finger at himself first and say that he needs to be better. Never once will Jimmy Butler admit that maybe it's his own fault that he doesn't seem to get along with him teammates everywhere he goes. It's really just a terrible characteristic for somebody who wants to be an actual leader. Anybody can be a great leader when things are going well, but it's how you handle adversity is what defines you.

So how did Jimmy Butler handle adversity from his stint with the Sixers? Is he going to shoulder any of the blame himself? At the very least is he going to say that the entire team/organization could have done better? Or is he going to point the finger at literally anybody else besides him?

Okay so clearly there's a lot to unpack here. First of all, I don't doubt one bit that Jimmy Butler probably has a harder work ethic than everybody else on the Sixers. I mean the man is just a freak. He is driven, he is motivated, and he is an absolute psychopath. So I'm sure that he's usually the only one opening up the gym at 4:00 in the morning. And secondly, I'll admit that I am a little worried about what he said regarding the idea that not everybody on this team is playing with a championship in mind. Because I think that maybe there's some truth behind it. Maybe a ring isn't the only thing that these guys are playing for, and maybe it's not even a top 2 or 3 thing that they're playing for. I'm sure that they'd like to win a championship but winning a championship in Philly probably doesn't mean nearly as much to some of the players as it would for the fans. Just take a look at what the Sixers have done so far this season. Does that look like a team that is determined to win a championship? Does that look like a team that is working their dicks off to do everything they possibly can to not lose in the 2nd round again? Because right now the Sixers look like a team that is pretty content with just being a talented team that gets a lot of buzz. So again, I think Jimmy Butler at least has a point here. 

But for the love of god, man, just get over it already. I understand that you're being asked these questions and you're just providing the answers. But just shut up already. I mean the man hasn't stopped talking about the Sixers all season so far. Not all of it has been bad. He's thrown plenty of praise out to Joel Embiid so far this season. But then he also goes off with some cryptic shit like this saying that obviously something happened for him to leave Philly. 

And I want to mention here that I'm a Jimmy Butler guy. I think that the intensity of his personality is a perfect fit for Philly. I think his skillset is a perfect fit for this Sixers team. But it's time for everyone to just get over it. Jimmy Butler wants to be "the guy" but the fact of the matter is that he's just a really really talented basketball player who seems to be really really bad at being a leader. And when you're trying to build a championship team, you need leaders in the locker room. Kind of makes sense how Jimmy Butler is talking all this championship talk yet he's never played in a Finals himself. So I'm sure that he's correct about saying nobody in Philly matched his work ethic. I'm sure there's at least some level of truth behind what he said about some guys not necessarily playing with a championship in mind. But get over it and move on already.