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Tom Crean Told Tom Izzo He Should Consider Himself Lucky That Crean Still Isn't Coaching At Indiana

Oh hell yeah, Tommy C. That's the good stuff. I know Crean and Izzo are best friends and this is probably in jest, but there's also a 100% chance Crean believes this. That's just part of what makes coaches, well, coaches and especially someone like Crean. I imagine him walking up to Tom Izzo like this after making the line too: 

Just no doubt that Tom Crean 100% thinks he would have kept Aaron Henry in Indiana. It's not like Michigan State is a blue blood program and have no problem recruiting. When you're Tom Crean, you think you can land any recruit you want. 

The fact this also happened in Maui is perfect. Maui Tom Crean is a top-1 Tom Crean. Need him in Maui every other year, there's just always a gem with him out there.