"GET INSIDE RIGHT NOW!!!" - Loving Father Who Is Just Trying To Deep Fry A Turkey For The Time To His Crying Daughter

I'm not a father myself but boy oh boy do I know exactly what this poor man is going through. First time deep-frying a turkey and no doubt this is a huge moment for ol' Daddio. He's been wanting to do this cook for years but just never got around to it. But this is the year. This is the year he's finally going to do it. He's got his bird, he has the pot, he has the burner, he's got everything he needs and he's been preparing for this cook for the past 2 weeks like he's about to play in the Super Bowl. 

He's done his homework. He's prepared. He knows the exact amount of oil he needs to put into the pot. He knows the exact amount of time he's going to leave the bird in there for. He thawed the turkey, brined it up the night before, rinsed it dry, and now here comes the money shot. Once you put the turkey in there, that's pretty much all she wrote. You just wait until it's done. All the serious work is done ahead of time. So all those years of waiting for this moment are finally about to pay off.....and the rest of his house is a complete fucking mess. 

His kids are running around everywhere. It's been mayhem all morning while he's been getting ready for the cook. But at least he's had this moment to look forward to. Sure, his patience is wearing thing but he can manage for now. You'd like for the wife to be able to handle that mess while you're focused on the bird, but you also need the wife there to document this glorious moment. So your shorthanded and you know that it's getting out of hand in there. Then right as you're about to dunk the bird, your daughter comes outside crying. 

Now in your head, you need that kid to get inside because if you accidentally drop the turkey and the oil splashes out of the pot, all of a sudden everybody is on fire. You want to keep her safe and keep her inside. But she's crying so she's not going to listen to reason. This was a huge moment and it's about to come to a catastrophic end. You run out of options. The only move left is to snap and yell to get inside. Sure, the fun family video might be ruined forever but guess what? You didn't burn down the house, nobody got hurt, and the turkey probably came out delicious. Worth raising your voice over? Every single time.