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Zion Tweeted About Duke Dancing And Celebrating Moments After They Lost At The Buzzer Last Night ... ANNNNDDDDD It's Deleted

Whoops! I love when shit like this happens. It's most likely a scheduled tweet or he has someone tweeting out for him like hey, get something about Duke up. Needless to say they did not check the score or have access to social media or a television because this happened: 

I love that this happened though. Why would you wait until after the game to tweet this? Why not tweet it the moment after it happens or at halftime. Either way this is just one of those moments where Twitter is hilarious. There are certain moments when Twitter just explodes and shit is coming out left and right. Duke losing the biggest upset in 15 years is up there. There are celebrations, there are a bunch of different stories, there are random things like this and honestly I can't get enough.