Please Stop Lying. You Stoolies Are ACTUALLY Cultured AF

I am currently writing this post from my Madrid Airbnb (Yes, I know its a little early to be taking vacation). Originally, I was planning a blog-free vacation. One where I could unplug and reset my mind before I pump out content and ideas upon my return. But no. You stoolies did something so unforgivable that it provoked me to not only write today, but most likely inflamed me to write and film throughout my time here. 

You revealed your true selves. Honestly, I feel like I've been lied to. This whole time, you've been fraudulently claiming to be something you're not. Simple. 

Last night, I posted my travel plans on Insta and Twitter. Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Granada. Then, casually, I threw it out there. If you have any recommendations, feel free to send them my way.

Boy, oh boy was I flooded with ideas. Restaurant recommendations, things to do, bars, cafes, logistical details. Cautionary tales. Many of you reaching out haven't just traveled on holiday through Spain, but either have lived here for many years or have family currently living here. You guys crowdsourced my itinerary better than fucking Frommer's. 

Re: This photos- I have MANY more where these came from

So let's just cut the bullshit. The whole "we Stoolies aren't smart nor cultured" game is up. I know I'm new to Barstool and haven't been closely following this subculture or community, but its time to come clean. 

There is a subset of you guys that are next-level cultured, with great taste, and most likely high vocabularies. I don't need to play thesaurus with you when I say a word with more than two syllables. I'm not exactly sure how the percentages break down, but I'm getting enough DM's (not just about Spain but other cultural and societal topics) that tell me, there's a fuckload of you out there. And don't try and delete your DM's now, I've screen-shotted your messages just in case you try and back pedal. 

Anyway, now that you've become like a "Stool Steve's" guide to Spain, I figured I'd share the list of recommendations I received (next post) and give you my thoughts along the way. 

So consider yourselves warned. NO MORE SLOW PLAYING THE NEW GIRL.

But in all seriousness, wow. I was totally blown away mostly by how thoughtful, detailed, and helpful you've been with your advice. I truly couldn't ask for a better community. Thank you. 

My next post will be the list of things we do in each city along with the Stoolie's do Spain list of recommendations.