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SFA's Nathan Bain's Family Lost Their House During Hurricane Dorian. Right After He Hit The Game-Winner People Donated Over $4,000 To His GoFundMe While Sending Messages About Hating Duke

Man, there's nothing like sports. This just sums it up, especially at the collegiate level. Nathan Bain comes out here and hits a ridiculous layup at the buzzer to beat Duke in Cameron. Just a few months before? His family's life was literally turned upside down after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas and they lost pretty much everything. Almost immediately after the buzzer sounded over $4,000 were donated to the GoFundMe. Think people hate Duke? 

There's a whole lot more like that which is hilarious. But, man, listen to the dude talk in the interview. You can hear how much he loves the Bahamas and how important this was to him. It's what makes all of this the best.

Also, let's be honest here. The biggest shock is this is somehow NCAA approved. I never would have guessed that in my entire life, but here we are. Good for people getting this news out there and running with it. Fuck Duke, let's help this hero out.