Duke Lost To Stephen F. Fuck You

I went live for the end of the Duke game and it juts made me sad. (Also this had nothing to do with gambling. Yes I had Duke -27.5 but I am a Duke fan so this was stunning.) I have been sitting on my floor ever since the loss. I am not going to take you through the x’s and o’s of why they lost because nobody cares but 21 turnovers might have been the problem. This loss worried me at first but I have had some rational thinking without my eyes pooping out of my head.

They needed a kick in the ass. They are a young team that got a little cocky beating everyone by large margins and now they ruined a non conference winning streak of about 130 games. They will figure this whole thing out because personally I cannot take another loss like that. Mark my words that we will win the National Championship this year. They are deep but tonight they decided to not step up and relied on other people to step up. Feast week is killing my wallet and my heart.

Go Duke