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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

(Photo: Facebook)


A North Carolina teacher has been charged with having an illicit sexual relationship with a student. WAVY reports Shannon J. Fox, who taught art at Northeastern High School in Elizabeth City, turned herself in to local law enforcement officials following her Monday grand jury indictment on three counts of sexual activity with a student by a teacher. Randy Cartwright of the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office said that the alleged illicit relationship was originally brought to police attention in May. The age and the gender of Fox’s alleged victim were not immediately released.

It’s rare that you get a Sex Scandal Teacher news report with so little in the way of detail.  But in Shannon’s case, I don’t care.  Going on nothing but two pictures of her, my gut, my heart and every fiber of my GtNSST being is telling me that when the full story comes out, it’s going to be legendary.  After all these years I’ve got a Spidey Sense for these things, and she’s got mine tingling off the charts.  That first pic with her blazing hot soccer mom looks.  That mugshot with the DSLs and crazy hollow eyes… black eyes, like a doll’s eyes, that don’t even seem to be livin’… she is the total package, I can tell.  Shannon’s like a poker hand where I’m going in on the blind, just on pure instinct alone.  I promise you there’ll be epic tales of classroom BJs, romantic trysts in the school parking lot, porn, threesomes… the works.  I know a Sex Scandal Teacher player when I see one and Shannon Fox is a player.

The Grades:
Shannon is the kind of MILF who, if you live in her town, she pops up on your Facebook “People You May Know” just and you friend her on the basis of her Profile Pic alone.  Taunting us with the pink bra strap doesn’t hurt. Grade: A
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
There’s not much to go on as of yet.  I’m tempted to give her and Incomplete but Jerry don’t play that.  I’ve got no choice but to judge her fairly for now, and hope to give her extra credit down the road. Grade: D
  In the 90s, 85% of your pop idols, porn stars, Page 3 girls and hot TV actresses were named either “Shannon” or “Fox.”  And I think at least 10% of them were named “Shannon Fox.” Her parents guaranteed her future as a insatiable sex freak the day they named her.  Grade: A
C.  For now, that is.  Stay tuned.
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