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Boss of a Company That Had a Hidden Camera in the Urinal Accidentally Smashes the Evidence and Drops it Off a Bridge

Source - A man is suing his former boss and employer after finding a hidden camera atop a urinal in the restroom, accusing the boss of recording employees.

The small device was placed in the bathroom in July this year “to secretly record the genitalia of those using the urinal,” a civil suit filed in Superior Court alleges. It names the human resources company TriNet USA. ...

Jason Savage, 27, filed the suit in September. ...

Savage’s now-former boss, David Swerdloff, heard him talking about the device -- described as “the approximate size of an iPhone power adapter with a small lens ... with a micro USB port, power button and SD card slot.”

Swerdloff overheard Savage talking with a co-worker and rushed into the restroom in question, the suit says. The boss then grabbed the device and left the office, promising to drive to a police station to file a report.

Minutes later, Swerdloff called employees to tell them "he accidentally smashed the camera and in a state of panic hurled the device from his car off the Garden State Parkway overpass” near the Metropark train station, according to the suit. ...

Swerdloff was fired after an HR investigation, after trying to meet with Savage to “get their stories straight," the suit says.

Savage says in the suit the company HR team then tried to “dig up dirt” on him and accused him of unspecified misconduct that he denied.

Everybody always thinks their company is the most interesting workplace in the world and all their co-workers are the wackiest, most colorful bunch of characters around. I mean, how often do you tell a work story and some one-upper says "You should come check out my company! Now that place should be a reality show!!!" Well for once, we've found a place where that is actually true.

Congratulations to Jason Savage and the whole gang at TriNet, USA Finding out some stranger has been pleasuring himself to video of your dong is no box of chocolates, but it sounds like at least there's never a dull moment around there. This is what Dunder-Miffllin would've been like if HBO adapted Ricky Gervais' "The Office" instead of NBC. Somebody (I'm going to nominate Meredith), sticks a hidden camera into the men's room. A panicked Dwight, suspecting it was Creed but not wanting Michael to take the fall for it, scrambles the evidence into his car, smashes it to pieces and throws it over the Scranton bridge, claiming it was an accident. Jump cut to David Wallace on the speaker phone asking Michael what happened as Jim and Pam raise their eyebrows to each other. Roll credits. 

I don't think it's going out on a limb to assume that David Swerdloff is the culprit here. The Phantom Pee Peeping Tom who planted the camera. But there's a slim possibility he's just one of those super loyal types who loves his job and his company more than he loves himself. So he volunteered to be the fall guy for the greater good of TriNet, USA. Then again there's the very, very slim chance he was actually going to the police and honestly smashed the camera to pieces and truly unintentionally dropped it off a bridge. But that's not a hill I'm willing to die on. 

All I know is, while I don't care if someone sees my manly, powerful urine stream and I probably wouldn't feel all that violated and suspect half the public bathrooms in the world have similar cameras in them, I could never work with an idiot like David Swerdloff. Be a pervert if you must, but for the love of God man, have a plan for when you get caught instead of making up stories about smashed equipment and bridges. You can be a sick bastard but be a smart sick bastard.