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Watching Brian Scalabrine Break Down His Big 3 Tape Might Be The Best Decision You Make Today

I don't know if I'm in the minority (I don't think so but you get mixed reviews), I'm a big Scal guy. Not just because he was on the only title team I've ever seen with my own eyes and we inch closer to history remembering him as a Finals MVP

but I actually like him in his post playing role on Celtics broadcasts. It wouldn't shock me if he were to one day in the wayyyyyy distant future because Mike and Tommy will be on forever, takes over that second seat on a permanent basis. As any Celtics fan will tell you, the color guy needs to have a little homerism built in, and while nobody alive can ever reach Tommy's level, I think Scal has enough of that while also being honest. 

So you can take to the bank I'm going to click on a video of Scal breaking down his own Big3 film and you can also take to the bank that if I'm watching it I'm also going to make sure fellow Celtics/Scal stoolies are also aware it exists as well. It's late in the afternoon, if you're still in the cubes you are looking for ANYTHING to make that clock go faster so why not enjoy some quality Scal commentary? It was great to hear him talk about blocking Stephen Jackson and then getting dominated by Greg Oden. 

Great video, love Scal.