The NFL Tells the Cowboys Refs Botched Those Tripping Calls

Source - The Dallas Cowboys issued a public "no comment'' regarding the pair of "tripping'' calls made against their offensive 

linemen in Sunday's 13-9 loss at the Patriots, and maybe that's because they'd already privately issued their thoughts to the NFL, which responded with a pair of too-late "Oops, sorrys". ...

Center Travis Frederick and left tackle Tyron Smith were wrongly flagged for "tripping'' in the game on two different plays that proved to be critical in the loss. ...

There have been nine "tripping'' calls in the NFL all season. Two of those came in one game, benefiting New England and coach Bill Belichick (who reportedly planted the "tripping'' seed in the pregame minds of the refs) and crushing the Cowboys.

There aren't too many blessings in this life better than having an injury-riddled, out-manned, out-gunned Patriots team go out into a tropical storm and beat a first place team. But one thing that is better is having the whole world complain about the cruel unfairness of it all. 

Yup, they're bagged alright. Cheating once again. Bill Belichick employing the same Jedi Mind Trick he uses to win coin flips, make Sam Darnold see ghosts or force Pete Carroll to throw from the 1 to manipulate the weak-minded officials to see phantom trips where no trips exist. And everyone in America's Team Land has been pitching a fit about it:


Busted! Yup. You got that right. There's nothing the NFL loves more than bending the rules to give the Patriots an unfair competitive advantage. The Tuck Rule was only the beginning. They've been doing it for years. No blown call has ever gone against them. And the world is onto it. In the Knee Jerk Reaction to the game, I mentioned the weekly ticky tackish DPI against JC Jackson, and a good half dozen non-calls against the Cowboys. But those must've been window dressing to disguise the larger conspiracy at play here. But there is obvious favoritism going on here on the part of a league that adores their only Dynasty. It's practically criminal. They should probably all be charged under the RICO statutes.

And so a league that had to be dragged kicking and screaming to admit that yes, it's just slightly possible, however unlikely, that they might have missed the slight interference on this play:


Wastes no time scrambling their elite Rapid Response Apology Unit to tell the Cowboys they got jobbed. Congratulations on your moral victory, Dallas. I've got a list of grievances longer than a paper receipt from CVS that I'm still waiting for an apology for, but I'm not holding my junk. Glad to see you got yours so fast. 

Finally, just out of a sense of fairness, Jerry Jones, who hasn't always been a paragon of graciousness, refused to take the easy excuse everyone else is. On his radio show he said, “One of the things you have to live with is you can get what is later deemed a bad call many times during the course of the game. … But the game is full, and always will be full, of things that were overlooked, full of missed calls." 

It's a crazy world when people are claiming the NFL is doing favors for the Pats and Jerry Jones is the voice of reason. A crazy, crazy world indeed.