Jalen Ramsey is the Fakest Tough Guy In The NFL

Last night the Rams got beat down by the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were flat-out better in every aspect of the game. That was to be expected though. The Rams have been an average team all year and the Ravens have been the best team in football over the last two months. 

I dont give a fuck about any of that. What I care about is former Jaguar Jalen Ramsey and his disgusting display of fake toughness. Just gross. Absolutely gross. Look at that clip above and you'll see why I've never been a fan of Ramsey's. 

Jalen walked up to Marcus Peters after the game and was jawing. Marcus didn't have his helmet on and Jalen knew several people would get between them if things started getting loud. But, that's what Jalen does. He yaps and yaps and yaps and rarely bites. He hasnt taken a chomp out of any quarterbacks since he got traded to the Rams. 0 picks. Marcus Peters has been eating in Baltimore, though. Jalen knows it. Jalen knows that Peters made his defense better and Jalen has been, at best, a push for the Rams. 

Watch that clip. Even Jalen's own teammates know he isnt about to do anything. He's just shuffling his feet out there and waiting for two older coaches to hold back one of the most rawly athletic dudes in NFL history. 81 for the Rams doesnt give a fuck. He just keeps on cruising by. 

Ramsey keeps it up on his way to the locker room. Look at this dude getting baby bjorned to the showers. 

Several other players are just lazily waltzing through the door and around Jalen while he hems and haws in the general direction of nobody which is fitting because he's played like a nobody since being traded. He certainly has played like a guy worth 2 1st round picks and a large contract. You'd expect a guy "worth" that much to go in and make a routine tackle. Jalen couldnt be bothered with that last night, especially on a drive that might have been your last chance to make a comeback and save your season. Just like when he's trying to get into actual fights, he stayed on the outside looking in. 

One twitter user said it best, get that man in a diaper... stat.