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IT'S ON: Ford Challenges Tesla To An F-150 vs Cybertruck Rematch And Elon Musk Accepts

To quickly catch everyone up, Elon Musk tweeted this video two days ago

An ugly ass Cybertruck dominating a Ford F-150 in a good ol fashioned pull off. Elon was so proud of himself and his new truck that it simply wasn’t enough to come out with a new truck of his own, he had to try and bury other competing trucks to prove how cool he is. So that’s it, right? The Cybertruck is the greatest truck of all time no ifs, ands or buts about it? Wrong.

Many people spoke out against the pull off saying it wasn’t a fair comparison or a fair representation of what was being portrayed, including uber genius Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Then an executive at Ford challenged Elon Musk and Tesla to a fair pull off

To which Elon accepted

And that’s where we’re at. Needless to say I”M EXCITED. I don’t know anything about anything but I’d be willing to bet that the F-150 is gonna wipe the floor with the Cybertruck. Elon only accepted because he had no choice, but in the back of his head he has to be freaking out.  I will say one thing, I need the Cyberstruck that’s used in the pull off to be fully inspected before the competition. Because I wouldn’t put it past Elon to supercharge the Cybertuck in order to get the victory.

People will say this is a net win for Tesla and Elon Musk because it gives them more promotion but I couldn’t disagree more. Remember how well the unveiling went when a guy lightly tossed a rock at the Cybertruck? It went crashing through its window. The same thing is gonna happen when it squares off against an F-150 in a pull off, only worse. The F-150 might rip the axels clean off the F-150 and leave it to bleed out in the middle of the street. At least that’s what I hope happens.

PS- They should broadcast the pull off on Pay Per View or something. I’d pay to see that and so would you.