Scientists Found The Largest Great White Shark Ever Recorded And Some Lady Hopped In The Water And Went For A Swim With It

People are calling this lady crazy, but I get it. You spend your whole life obsessed with sharks, you gotta risk it all when the biggin comes around. She would’ve regretted not getting in the water. Besides, that shark is so big I feel like it’s not even interested in humans. She was hanging off its fin like an asshole and it didn’t even notice.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 9.16.58 AM

Imagine if it did though? It just whips around and bites her in half then keeps swimming. Would’ve made for some great ‘research.’

Apparently this shark has been tagged before off the coast of Oahu. It’s name is “Deep Blue” and it’s estimated to be fifty-years-old and weigh over 2.5 tons. Fifty-years-old and still bumming around Hawaii without care in the world.  Who knows if we’ll ever see Deep Blue again, but if we do it’ll probably be even bigger than before. White Sharks continue to grow throughout their lives, so if it can keep finding food it’ll continue to grow. Just like the people on My 600 lb. Life. Best of luck to whoever it is that gets in the water with her next time she shows her face. Better hope she’s not hungry.