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Mark Ingram Continues To Show His Willingness To Throw Hands Over Lamar Jackson's MVP Candidacy

You heard the man. Big Truss. If you want to say something as crazy as someone other than Lamar Jackson is the MVP, you’re going to have to answer to Mark Ingram. He’s made that clear. He will absolutely throw hands on you, no two ways about it.

He shouted it at M&T Bank last weekend and now he’s shouting it at LA Coliseum. He’s literally singing it from sea to shining sea. We just might do what we do in Baltimore and turn it into the next national anthem. There’s a joke about Mark Ingram being a saint in here somewhere. All I gotta say is get you a fellow Heisman winning running back that touts you like Mark Ingram.

And buy a damn shirt.

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