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The GOAT Once Again Showed What He Is Capable Of When Given A Chance At QB

I’m telling you, this man could start for 12-15 NFL teams right now. Bears, Bucs, Panthers, Broncos, Rams, Lions, Dolphins, Raiders, Steelers, Bengals, Titans (once Tannemagic runs out), Jags, and then you still have the unknown situations like Giants, Eagles, Jets, Redskins, and Falcons.

I’ve said it’s the hill I will die on- RG3 will start, and succeed, in the NFL again. He still got it. He’s refined his game- he doesn’t need to run around like in 2012, but he’s still a dual-threat QB. All I know is if he was on the Bears right now, that team a playoff lock. I mean shit, in yesterdays Bengals/Steelers game, the 3 QBs that played were Mason Rudolph (8/16), Devlin Hodges (5/11), and Ryan Finley (12/26). RG3 can, and will, start in this league again. Guaranteed.