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Ravens-Rams "Lamar Jackson Was Born For Monday Night" Live Blog

lamar TD

Here we go. Lamar isn’t new to the spotlight and this is hardly his coming out party, but there’s still something about Monday Night. It’s an American classic. It’s the top-rated television program year after year. All of America will be watching just like they were 3 weeks ago when Lamar decimated the league’s best defense on SNF.

This time it’s under the bright lights of LA. In the LA Coliseum no less. A place that holds as much football history as any building on planet Earth. And there’s nobody more electric in football right now than Lamar Jackson. And with all due respect to Mike Vick, he’s probably the most electric thing in the history of football. So it would only be fitting for Lamar Jackson to light it up, just like he has all season. I mean… does this guy look like he could possibly be phased by the spotlight?

lamar shades 2

Of course not.  (buy a shirt)

Now it won’t be easy. The Rams roster is as talented as any the Ravens have seen all season. We all know what kind of specimen Aaron Donald is. I’m excited to see what kind of blocking schemes Greg Roman and this offense throw at the very best in the game. The Ravens have shoved on every single team they’ve played this year, so something’s gotta give.

Bottom line is Lamar has never given me a reason to doubt him this year, so why stop now? With the way the defense is playing right now, I just don’t see the Rams putting up more than maybe 17 points. 17 points is no problem for a guy for Lamar Jackson. They’re averaging nearly twice that a game. You’d be silly to bet against the Ravens at this point until they show you something different. Maybe that changes but tonight… is not that night.

Ravens roll the Rams, 27-17.

See you bitches at the Famous. Let’s GO