The Knicks Would Like To Make It Clear That There Is No Truth To Richard Jefferson's Statement That He Retired Instead Of Accepting A Contract With The Knicks. NOT ONE IOTA!

So during last night's Knicks-Nets game, Richard Jefferson decided to take a swing at the NBA's pinata known as the New York Knicks

People did what they usually do at a story involving the Knicks, which is point and laugh at the franchise, its players, and of course its idiot fans like myself. Usually when that happens, I find the best thing to do is either curl in a ball as everyone gets their shots in or start yelling at the curmudgeon billionaire that refuses to sell the team so he can no longer be the most hated person in a city filled to the brim with shitty people.

However, the Knicks PR Twitter account decided that instead of taking its lumps or just passing off the quote as trolling, it would instead strike back at Richard Jefferson's statement by saying it's absolute garbage and it's rubbish and it's not true! 

Okay, now lets agree that there is a legitimate chance this tweet is either a boldfaced lie or at the very least a twisting of the truth in order to make the Knicks not look like complete donkeys because that's how the Madison Square Garden PR department has rolled during little Jimmy Dolan's reign of terror. Like I wouldn't be surprised if the Knicks technically offered RJ a contract in the winter of 2018 or the Spring of 2019 and would just use the Obi-Wan Defense if Jefferson's agent actually brought out the receipts against them.

Regardless of if a contract was offered or not, the thought of MSG's Evil Ewok Emperor stomping around with steam coming out of his ears because his team was clowned by some retired dude and demanded the VP of MSG PR to roll up their sleeves and craft that tweet has me laughing to the point of tears.

All this has me feeling like that tweet is the highlight of the season outside of the two wins over the Mavericks. However, all of that optimism disappeared after I saw Richard Jefferson's counterpunch.

Which has led to my laughter stopping and my tears changing from tears of laughter to tears of sadness. You know why? Because this all but ensures that the Knicks are going to somehow end up offering an overpriced contract to an old, washed up Richard Jefferson at some point down the road despite him being retired for years. I don't know how it's going to happen, why it's going to happen, or what events caused it to happen. But I'm already resigned to it 100000% happening because the Knicks lead the league in misery as well as self-fulfilling prophecies that read like a Shakespeare tragedy.  


Fuck this fucking franchise.