Does This Look Like The Face Of An Upstate Man Who Stole The Identity Of A Fallen US Soldier To Try To Pick Up Chicks?

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.45.21 PM

GothamistDon Draper may have assumed a fallen soldier’s identity to escape his life as “strong-jawed army defector” and restyle himself as a “strong-jawed philandering ad exec,” but not all of us aspire to such heights. Some of us just want to pick up babes, you know? Such was the case with Brandon Ashraf, an upstate New York man accused of impersonating Matthew A. Pucino, a Green Beret who was killed in Afghanistan when he was 34. Ashraf, 28, not only stole Pucino’s identity, he used his photos—filched from the website of the slain soldier’s memorial foundation, no less—on dating websites, having even used the more attractive man’s face to arrange a rendezvous with a woman from Florida. Ashraf has been charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal impersonation. “We’re pretty disgusted with the whole thing,” Pucino’s sister told the Buffalo News. “We’re really glad that this has come to a head and he has been charged. We didn’t give up.” Pucino’s family first suspected foul play two years ago when they were contacted by several victims accusing Ashraf of “cat fishing,” and continued when they found a fake Facebook page—the deletion of which prompted Ashraf to contact the Pucino family. “He [Ashraf] just helped,” Pucino’s sister said. “He did not realize we were connecting the dots.” 

Well this is pretty much the biggest scumbag move of all time. I’m all for saying and doing almost whatever it takes to get laid but there are some lines that you just dont cross. Like at some point you gotta look in the mirror and realize if you’re so fucking fat and disgusting that you need to steal a fallen soldier’s identity to get a chick to fuck you, then you just need to admit to yourself that you don’t deserve to have sex.

You know what the most offensive part of this is? What I would truly be most offended about if I was Matt Pucino’s family? How fucking fat and disgusting Brandon Ashraf is. Sure, a deplorable piece of shit using the reputation of an American hero is bad enough. But the fact that this repugnant slob ever thought he could pull off being a good looking guy like Staff Sergeant Pucino might be even more upsetting. Look at yourself, fat boy! Now look at this guy:

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Not only was he a Green Beret who made the ultimate sacrifice, he was a damn good looking fella. If he wasn’t a soldier he probably would have been a movie star. What was this fat son of a bitch’s end game when he showed up looking like a bathtub full of mayonnaise? Not only are you a reprehensible scumbag but you’re also fat and ugly. And compared to Matthew Pucino that’s just as disgusting in my book.