Gilbert Arenas Shot Nick Young With A BB Gun During The NBA's Gun Awareness Meeting When They Played For The Wizards

I don't even know if this blog needs words besides 'yep, this checks out,' because yep, this checks out. I could sit here and listen to Wizards stories for days when this roster was just made up of dudes like Arenas, Nick Young, Andre Blatche, DeShawn Stevenson, etc. This story just makes so much sense when you remember, oh, I don't know this? 

I'm not going to lie, I lost it when Gilbert quietly chimed in with 'guns are just bad for the Washington Wizards.' Nobody does a better job of playing into a story like Gilbert and that's exactly what you want to hear in this situation - unless you're a Wizards fan. 

But I agree with Arenas, this is Nick Young's fault. He shouldn't have brought that BB gun in to his locker. You have to know that Arenas was going to fuck with you and now you just brought in a weapon to be used against you. You need to sit in the front row of the gun awareness meeting and keep your head on a swivel. 

Just keep giving us more old Wizards stories.