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Kansas Man Runs Back Into Burning Building To Save His XBox

CNetA sense of priorities is always helpful in life. As is a sense of passion. The two miraculously came together for one Kansas man and, miraculously, he survived to tell the tale. As ABC15 reports, the man’s Olathe, Kan., home was on fire. He woke up during the night to discover this phenomenon. He made it outside before the fire engulfed him.  However, what engulfed him shortly afterward was a burning desire not to be parted from hisXbox. So, as if it were a scene from one of his favorite games, he rushed back inside to rescue his system. He found it and rushed back out of the house again. The police say that he suffered only smoke inhalation. Some might say that he suffered from a lot more than that. It’s unclear from reports what kind of Xbox this was. However, one assumes it must have been a relatively new Xbox One. Surely no one would re-enter their burning house to retrieve some gaming relic. There again, we already have recent video evidence that gamers can be very particular human beings indeed.

I have absolutely nothing of value in my apartment right now. Really nothing of value in my life at all. Like if my apartment burned to the ground I can’t think of one object I’d even consider saving. I can’t even think of one thing I’d be upset about losing. I don’t have any nice furniture – the whole place is furnished by Bobs. My TVs aren’t really a big deal. I don’t care about any of possessions. I’d probably be happy that I purged myself of all my lame shit and maybe could start fresh.

But back in the day, totally different story. This guy just never really grew up out of the video game phase so its absolutely understandable he’d risk his life for his XBox. Back in 1996 I would have jumped into a fucking volcano if my Nintendo 64 was at stake. Throw Mario 64, Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and my N64 out of a plane and I’m jumping out without a parachute to try and save them. That whole period of life I feel like a had tons of things that were worth risking your life being engulfed by flames. Super Soaker water guns. My Easton graphite bat. My basketball sneakers. My baseball cards. My fucking Pogs. I probably would have committed suicide if my Black/Red Magic The Gathering deck burned up in a fire. The list goes on and on.

Basically throughout that entire period of your life where Christmas was fun and you got everything your heart desired, your material possessions were worth more than your life as you knew it. Now I couldn’t even tell you one thing I own that I really like. Good for this dude in Kansas that he at least has something that brings him that much joy.