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Rutgers Won't Hire Greg Schiano After Not Meeting A List Of His Absurd Demands, Which Included A Private Jet

Yesterday, it was announced that the dream in Piscataway, New Jersey was dead. The Schiano Man was not going to return. 

It seemed like it was written in stone that he was returning to Rutgers. What happened?

SOURCE-The list of demands included a $4 million-a-year salary over eight years, a $25.2 million guarantee on Day 1 of his contract and unlimited use of a private jet.

In the end, one source said, it was too high a price to pay for Greg Schiano.

Not only did the Schiano Man want unlimited use of a private jet funded by tax dollars, he was going to restructure the entire Rutgers team as we know it:

SOURCE-“Schiano, according to multiple sources familiar with the Nov. 5 meeting between the two sides, came armed with a scouting report of the current roster that stunned people in the room and a list of more than 100 potential targets in the transfer portal to jumpstart the rebuild. He had already started recruiting, behind the scenes, to salvage a 2020 class that looks like a hopeless cause now.”

Here is the remainder of Schiano's requests:

An annual salary of $4 million for each of the next eight seasons through February 2028, with $400,000 retention bonuses every two years after the second year of his contract. 

A $25.2 million guarantee if the university were to terminate his contract without cause before 2021. That guarantee would go down in later years in increments, to $4.2 million by 2026. 

Unlimited use of a private jet for all recruiting activities and for all non-recruiting program and university-related travel. 

Bonuses if season ticket benchmarks were reached. 

There were also provisions for a car, private golf club membership, spousal and family travel to games and a $100,000 relocation and temporary lodging bonus.

As much as I want to hate on Rutgers for fucking this up, I just can't do it. That's an ABSURD amount of requests. I may have missed Greg Schiano's transformation from above-average football coach to the walking embodiment of Jesus Christ, but I don't think I did. 

Where does Rutgers go from here? I have ZERO idea. Maybe give Joe Moorhead a call in Starkville?